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EnvironmentIn his speech, he proposed that "through scientific and technological innovation and institutional mechanism innovation, a series of policies and measures should be implemented to optimize the industrial structure, build a low-carbon energy system, develop green buildings and low-carbon transportation, and establish a national carbon emission trading market, so as to form a new pattern of modernization construction for the harmonious development of man and nature". This is not only a solemn commitment to the international community, but also an overall design for long-term environmental governance.

Therefore, it is urgent to improve people's awareness of environmental protection and actively participate in the cause of environmental protection.

The company's projects belong to the items of "recovery of waste oil in production and consumption" and "recovery of organic chemical products such as hydrocarbon alcohol, phenol and organic acid" in the national industrial policy directory. They are projects of comprehensive utilization of resources, in line with the direction of national industrial structure adjustment, and belong to the environmental protection projects encouraged by the state.

Lianchuang will join hands with friends from all over the world to create a better future!

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