The Independent Christmas Gift Guide



Most independent businesses are owned by a person, not boards, stockholders or algorithms. Shopping from small businesses is supporting an individual, a family, a passion. You will find originality and variety in a world where individuality is often put down and misunderstood. Independent business can feel like home, like an old friend you haven’t seen for ages; owners are usually very approachable and offer a premium level of customer service. It’s supporting your community. Independent businesses are authentic; they will often show you the behind the scenes of their hustle and are willing to share their journey with you. They care about the quality of their products. You can make their day, their week when you choose to support them. Your helping real people do what they do better, you may not know them personally but you are supporting a real person, with real struggles. It’s the right thing to do.

…And if thats not enough, their products are amazing! Just see for yourself…


Independent Gift Guide 2019 Under £30

Over 30 gift guide.jpg

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Ofcourse, this is such a small selection of small business, there are so many to choose from. Don’t forget to support local businesses, and services. Support your neighbourhood florist( flowers are always a good idea,) meet your friends at an independent coffee shop instead of a well known chain, spread the word about your favourite businesses- others might want to support them too!

Do you have a favourite independent business? Let me know in the comments below.