30 Ideas Before 30 Years.

Although I appreciate a beautifully wrapped package-who doesn't? In more recent years, the phrase 'it's the thought that counts' has rang far closer to my heart . Birthdays for me have become more about the company I keep, the memories I have to look back on and the intentions I hope to set. Surrounding myself with my nearest and dearest sipping on a delicious cocktail and eating a little too much cake are all included in my future birthday plans.

I used to through the word 'goal' around quite a lot, but I've drifted from it. After my last birthday I started thinking about what I would like to achieve/ accomplish/ experience/ try/ say no to. And although the ideas below may change, I think we all know how quickly circumstance change, I'd like to give more room in my mind to the thirty intentions below. And my thirtieth birthday  seemed like a good time to mix this list up a bit. 

Over the next couple of years, I look forward to seeing how near or far I grow around these ideas, because after all, I just want to grow. 

Blow out your candle // Paper By Her.
  1. Launch my own business.

  2. Learn another language.

  3. Get married.

  4. Visit Japan.

  5. Teach a workshop, either lettering or social media.

  6. To create a morning routine that betters my mind, body and soul. - and stick to it!

  7. Become a home-owner.

  8. Look after my PCOS naturally. - as a continually lifestyle.

  9. Attend a protest to fight for equality or in support of women.

  10. Drastically reduce my single-use plastic footprint.

It's only your birthday once a year // Paper By Her.
  1. To have a baby. - not just yet though!

  2. To learn to cook the basics really well.

  3. Spend time exploring California.

  4. Learn to grow some of my own food.

  5. To get a new day job.

  6. Then become fully freelance/ self-employed.

  7. To procrastinate less.

  8. Limit screens time. Less time on phones, laptops, televisions etc.

  9. Wear spf daily.

  10. To practise yoga regularly.

Blow out your candles // Paper By Her.jpg
  1. Continue to support charities close to my heart.

  2. Stay positive and radiate that positivity.

  3. Try acupuncture.

  4. Invest in quality over quantity. Have less stuff.

  5. Develop a signature style.

  6. Make the most of time with my family.

  7. To be more present.

  8. Practise confidence.

  9. Push myself creatively.

  10. Stay independent.