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La Première, The First.

It's not easy to know where to start. Starting a business has been a huge learning curve, it's been challenging journey, but here we are. is live, it's not perfect but I'm pretty chuffed with what I have to show you! I've managed to bring this all together by myself, but I'm beyond grateful for those who answered my questions, guided me and my cheerleaders who supported me from day one. It's you who have inspired La Première, The Launch Collection.



- You Make Me Smile | Print
Created to acknowledge those secret smiles you just can't hide. The ones my fiance plants all over my face. 

- Kindness | Print
My girlfriends, tough when we need to be, but always kind. Because kindness is G. 

- Arms Around You | Print
This was one of the first designs I came up with. Late one night I rolled over and it seemed obvious this piece had to be in my collection. It's one of my favourite pieces. Inspired by my late grandmother. She'd end every conversation to me with 'arms around you' her three little words that mean so much. This print is a lovely reminder that she is still guiding me. 


- Dashes / Lines / Circles / Zig Zag | Notebooks
I designed these notebooks with the idea that they would come as a pair. I'm a huge stationery fan ( obviously) and I love a matching set. The four designs were inspired when I was painting pottery. I love the simplicity and the colours. 



- Blank Pages | Notepad
This notepad takes away the intimidating factor that often comes with a blank page, you can simply tear the page away and start again! I love this notepad for jotting down new ideas. I keep them scattered around my home for when inspiration strikes. 

- Daily | Notepad
I've always organised my day by hours, and after struggling to find a daily planner that suited my needs, I decided to create one. The to-do section is super helpful for jotting down extra notes.


- La Vie | Notecard Set
Ever had an event or celebration sneak up on you. Recieve an invite to a last minute get together? I love having these notecards on hand for such a variety of occasions. I am a little in love with the Parisian lifestyle so it made sense for me to drawn inspiration from the language of love.

- Babes | Notecard Set
This set was inspired by trips with girlfriends. Smiling in the sunshine, next to the sea. Sipping rose, eating too much and laughing all the w









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