Forming Habits, And Sticking To Them


Forming good habits can feel just as challenging as breaking the bad. The truth is, in order to grow and live our best lives… there is nearly always something we can improve on or do more of. Whilst I’m a big believer in not living in the past or future, sometimes we need to work on our present self to feel our best. Here are my tips to getting started…



One way to make something part of your routine is through habit stacking. This is exactly how it sounds, layering a new habit between existing ones you already do without a second thought. If exercise is on your to do list, and it’s something you always dread you can stack it. For example if in the morning you: wake up, shower and then eat breakfast you could add in a walk or some yoga. Your new morning could look like this: wake up, yoga/walk, shower, breakfast. Your shower and breakfast also acts as a reward for your new habit but it was already something you were doing at no extra effort or cost.


When we break down our goals and track them on a daily basis, the accountability often helps us stay consistent. Ticking off the days where you have stayed on track can motivate you on the days you feel less focused. Seeing your habit written down this way forces you to be honest with yourself. We often overestimate what we have accomplished when think back either to make ourselves look or feel better, when you habit track these things become clearer, you often become more determined too.


We all have to start somewhere, making your habits easier to implement works alongside the stacking method I mentioned above. For example if you want to read more books, you might be setting yourself a challenge of a book a week. The reality is that if you haven’t picked up a novel till Friday you may not prioritise finishing 300+ pages in a weekend. However, if you make a habit of putting a book on your pillow after you make your bed… every night when you get back under the covers you wold have to move your book and make the decision not to read. Chances are if you pick up the book and aim to read even just two pages you won’t stop at two. Making habits easier can take away the pressure we frequently put on ourselves by setting impossible goals or challenges. Don’t see it as a step back but more of a slow and steady consistency to continue building on!