My Kind Of Winter Layers, A Skincare Routine

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This year, I feel as though I really have my skincare routine down. My skin is much less reactive, we have passed the middle of winter and I don’t have any stubborn dry patches (winning!). And whilst my hormonal skin is far from perfect, things are looking up.


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Hydrating and protecting my skin are normally the focus. I’ve found it a simpler battle to take on than my hormonal acne. For me the key to hydration starts with exfoliation, it means the dead skin cells have been swept away and the next layers can penetrate the skin and work their magic. 

I believe in layering products rather than slapping on a thick cream which will quickly break me out. Everyone’s skin is different so find what works for you – but make a mental note that moisturiser doesn’t moisturise. It instead, think of it as a seal to stop any moisture already applied to your skin from escaping. My favourite combination is a hydrating serum applied to damn skin, an essence to boost the hyaluronic acid and then a moisturiser to lock it all in. In the morning this is followed by my spf come rain or shine. I have been lazy with this in the past but it really has become a daily habit and my skin is reaping the benefits. 

Hydrating and Protecting your skin in winter // Paper By Her


Makeup Remover: Super Facialist- Vitamin C Cleansing Oil
Cleanser: Skin Ceuticals- Simply Clean
Exfoliating Toner: Biologique Recherche- LotionP50w 
Face Mist: La Roche-Possay- Serozinc
Hydrating Serum: The Ordinary- Hyaluronic Acid 
Essence: Kiehl’s- Iris Extract Essence 
Moisturiser: SensiBiafine- Gel Cream

I don’t always do every step – I’m human and some products get switched up depending on how my skin is behaving and how much time I have. 


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