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Life Updates // Studio By Her Journal


I am the first to admit that I have neglected all aspect of this online journal. As I launched Paper By Her, I was also trying to plan a wedding, contemplate moving home as well as juggling a new day job and the other messy aspects of life we all deal with from time to time. I decided as much as I love writing and photography, I didn’t need the added pressure of a content schedule.


Although moving house is imminent… I have married my best friend, honeymooned in the most inspiring, aesthetically pleasing area of France. And although it went far too quickly (a week was defitnitely not enough!) I’m excited to be back and to be almost done with wed-min- we have a LOT of thank you cards to get out.


Honey Mooning in France // Paper By Her


Wow what a day. I can’t wait to share a couple of glimpses into our wedding day once we get the official photos back from our friends Sophie + Dean. I have to say it felt quite chaotic leading up to the day. It only hit me two weeks before that we hadn’t planned out any of the fun, personal little details I’d looked so forward too. I couldn’t see for the life of me how the day Danny and I had planned would come together. ( I was very lucky that my husband was quite hands on with planning and I passed many an email onto him to handle.) We chose to have an intimate ceremony and a handful more joined us for our reception, family and close friends. We wouldn’t have changed a thing! We chose to work with the right people, trusted some extremely talented local vendors and the day went perfectly. I never thought one day really could be the best day of your life, but it was, as cliche as that sounds.

I recently wrote an article for Manner Magazine which shared a glimpse at our day.

Manner Magazine Article written by Laura Butlin-Policarpo // Studio By Her Journal


Waking up daily to a blue horizon and falling asleep to the sound of rolling waves was exactly the revitalisation I needed. A quite town, time for just us, something I will cherish for the rest of my days.

Morning Caffè Americano’s on the patio. Breakfast buffets that kept you satisfied till well into the afternoon. That late European sunshine that wraps around your skin in a blanket of warmth, not too hot, far from mild. Poetically a year since we got engaged.

A day in Italy discovering the quaint local market of Ventimiglia picking up truffle cheese, slices of cured meats and arancini stuffed with ragu.

Domino games lost and won. A snappy paddle board adventure filled with one-sided giggles. Playing furniture detectives, our hotel was extremely easy on the eyes. Coming home with our first film roll to develop.

relax take it easy // Paper By Her
Life Updates // Studio By Her Journal


I am in the midst of setting some new goals for Paper By Her. Starting a business has already been a huge learning curve and I really need to prioritise organisation and putting more systems in place. I want to leave feeling like a headless chicken in 2018 for the most part… is that realistic? I would like to produce more content and products. I have been working on some new designs which I hope you guys will like! I just need to save some money to reach the minimum quantity orders! Small business chicks- I’m sure you can relate.

I’ve been keeping you up to date on Instagram and through our monthly Love Letters. But a monthly edit through the blog is something I want to explore. There are many moments though out the month which I don’t feel the need to share on social media. But through the blog I hope to reflect, inspire and push myself creatively.

What have you been juggling? Have you read anything thats inspired you recently? I’d love to hear about it!