The January Round-Up

The January Round-Up // Paper By Her


As is often the case with January, I’ve been hearing many talk about how it feels as though this month will never end. Although my bank balance can relate, I haven’t found January to drag. My life and business to do lists seem to flow more like waterfalsl than constant streams. To be honest, I’ve appreciated the time to tick a few things off.


New Year in Madiera // Paper By Her


Starting the year in Madiera was certainly a highlight. Standing beside loved ones, in the rain watching the most beautiful fire work display I have ever seen - the same 8 minute display is set off at varying points of the main town, Funchal. It was mesmerising.

I also spent a few days in London this month and it was great to be able to catch up with friends and family whilst also discovering new gems. I found the perfect place to relax is in central London. The hustle and bustle of central London might seem a strange place to relax, and I would have agreed with you, until I discovered Glow Bar. The latest addition to wellness row will enable you to sweat it out in a private infrared sauna… complete with personal speaker, and Muji diffuser! Don’t forget to follow it up with an adaptogen spiked latte, otherwise known as moon milks. I highly recommend Siren and Chill, so much so I’ve taken to recreating them at home.


For a little while I’ve been fighting the doubt. The doubt that as creatives, we all battle from time to time. You know… where you second guess your work, pick apart your content, and just generally over think everything. But I’m trying to not second guess and I’m learning to just create. Hopefully a mentality I can continue to practise!

I also found out at the end of January that my adrenals are all over the place, and my nervous system has taken a beating. What does this mean? I need to seriously reduce my stress levels - easier said than done for an anxiety suffering- chronic hothead . I’ve cut out diary, gluten and meat as advised ( when cheese is your main food group - the struggle is real). And I’m taking all the B vitamins, Ashwagandha and Holy Basil. - wish me luck!

Glow Bar London // Paper By Her


On my habit tracker this month I had the following:

  • Drink 2 litres of water

  • Get outside for at least 10 minutes

  • Dry brush

  • Moisturise

I’ve definitely been more mindful of the above. I’ve kept a glass of water by my side and a herbal tea at the ready. Have I hit the 2 litres a day mark? I couldn’t tell you as I haven’t monitored it that closely. But by using my habit tracker I have made drinking more water a more conscious decision.

I surprised myself at how much I have left the house - a tiny daily victory for me. I am very aware that I spend several days at home without leaving, not a great way to look after my mental health. But it turns out, for one reason or another I have left the comforts of my home on nearly a daily basis this month… which I wouldn’t have realised if I hadn’t been keeping track!

Dry brushing and moisturising are both great for our skin. As our skin is our biggest organ, it’s time to start looking after it. I am in quite a set skincare routine when it comes to my face, but really taking the time to take care of my body has given me a new sense of self love. Although these habits definitely need a bit more work, I have incorporate these actions into my routine which I’m very happy about.

January In With The New // Paper By Her


Combing Christmas with some carefully curated January sales spending. This month there has been quite a few ‘new ins’. From investment fashion finds, to beautifully packaged skincare and a page turners to add to my ever growing library. By library I mean various piles of books that are rapidly accumulating much to my husbands dismay. I’ve linked below what I’ve been buying incase anyone wants some spending inspiration. Some products are sold out, but I’ve found similar where possible. Please note this contains affiliate links.




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